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National Open Field Coursing Association

~ established 1964 ~

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Apprentice Procedures

Ideally, apprenticeships should begin and end within one coursing season.


  1. Contact the NOFCA Judging Committee of your intent to apprentice.
  2. Receive a packet of material (*fee may vary) containing:
  3. The apprentice is responsible for completing and safeguarding the forms until such time that all the requirements have been met.
  4. The apprentice should contact the hunt Secretary prior to the scheduled hunt date to give notice of the intent to apprentice, and to obtain the names of the huntmaster(s) and judge(s).
  5. The apprentice should attain the huntmaster or judge’s consent to apprentice under them.
  6. A copy of your current license should be submitted with the completed forms.
  7. It is recommended that you make photocopies for your personal files of all the submitted material.
  8. The completed packet should be returned to the Judging Committee chairman.

The Judging Committee:

  1. The Judging Committee shall issue an apprentice packet to the applicant.
  2. The fee collected shall be submitted to the NOFCA Treasurer.
  3. The Judging Committee shall contact the NOFCA Recorder, and all Club Secretaries, to notify them of new applicants.
  4. The Judging Committee will review, in a timely manner, the applicant’s completed packet of material.
  5. All information noted on the applicant’s forms shall be verified by the NOFCA Recorder against the signed hunt sheets.
  6. The Judging Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors.
  7. The Judging Committee will notify the applicant of the Board’s decision.

* The price of the packet shall be the cost of the Rulebook (plus the mailing fee if not hand delivered)

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