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Qualifiers for the 2003 NOFCA Grand Course

This page was updated February 9, 2003. It includes all events listed at

Breed CallName NOFCANo LastName Point total Out of State
Afghan hound Ditto AM86 Morrison 15.00  
Afghan hound Fadim AM89 Papin 15.00  
Afghan hound Sturgis AM88 Papin 24.00  
azawakh Zoe MA002 Morales 9.00  
borzoi Brighty BK408 Turner 243.00  
borzoi Irene BM434 Kurt 30.50 OS
borzoi Mona BM433 Kurt 38.50 OS
borzoi Olivia BM432 Kurt 45.50 OS
borzoi Spitfire BM449 Mayberry 75.00 OS
borzoi Topaz BK388 Barron 76.00  
greyhound Blue (E) GK336 Evers 110.00  
greyhound Cali GK332 Chavez 40.00 OS
greyhound Captain Crunch GM373 Lopez 112.00  
greyhound Cisco GM363 Bulman 135.00  
greyhound Cricket GK345 Watson 35.67 OS
greyhound Elia GK347 Chavez 31.67 OS
greyhound Honey Rose GM357 Bell 135.00  
greyhound Jess GM354 Bulman 61.67  
greyhound Little Wing GM355 Bulman 137.00  
greyhound Mocha GH318 Chavez 38.00 OS
greyhound Mocha GM367 Bell 137.50  
greyhound Romy GM365 Gordon 60.00 OS
greyhound Savanna GM351 Hill 89.25  
greyhound Sweetie GK334 Bulman 107.50  
greyhound Tina Turner GH317 Lopez 66.67  
greyhound Troi GM361 Bulman 178.00  
greyhound Wesley GM352 Bulman 361.00  
greyhound Zephyr GM360 Cagney 32.00 OS
ibizan hound Homer IB42M Kelly 106.50  
ibizan hound Rubio IB43M Kittrel 68.00  
ibizan hound Yuza IB41K Kittrel 71.75  
Irish wolfhound Falkor IW93K Christian 56.00  
Irish wolfhound Fiona IW105M Gould 100.00  
Irish wolfhound Killian IW85E Thompson 79.00  
Irish wolfhound Rosalind IW109M Clark 68.00  
Irish wolfhound Sadie IW102M Fairbanks 90.00  
saluki Amazing Grace SM757 Kincaid 55.00  
saluki Barak SG611 Hayden 50.00  
saluki Boushra SK703 Cook 372.50 OS
saluki Budah SH639 Schroder 50.00  
saluki Chamisa SM766 Snyder 60.00 OS
saluki CJ SM706 Wells 207.00  
saluki Darius SG486 Bennett 245.00  
saluki Dash SM721 Gregory 62.50  
saluki dot SH660 Gregory 145.00  
saluki Dusty SM729 Hardman 75.00  
saluki Farah SM713 VanArsdale 130.00 OS
saluki Gingit SK676 Minor 65.00 OS
saluki Jesse SH661 Snyder 30.00 OS
saluki KonaStout SM771 Kaeppler 60.00 OS
saluki Lavonne SF444 Mason 30.00 OS
saluki Maggie SM725 Mason 60.00 OS
saluki Mojo SM719 Clarke 101.67  
saluki Moosie SH653 Divin 60.00 OS
saluki Ripley SM717 Bennett 270.00  
saluki Rocket SM716 Chen 119.67 OS
saluki Sadeek SK694 Cook 25.00 OS
saluki Sapporo SM770 VanArsdale 25.00 OS
saluki Sinan SK690 Duggan 85.00  
saluki Skor SM774 Papin 110.00  
saluki Sky SG262 Mosher 55.00  
saluki Tali SM733 Chen 78.33 OS
saluki Tara SM707 Wells 78.17  
saluki Tazz SK683 Hardman 185.00  
saluki Teru SM724 Clarke 92.50  
saluki Tip SM708 Wells 142.50  
saluki Tok SK700 Mason 115.00 OS
saluki Vevay SM746 Schroder 81.67  
saluki Vogue SM741 Bennett 100.00  
saluki Xerxes SK674 Bennett 95.00  
Scottish deerhound Daisy DM70 Poole 43.25  
Scottish deerhound Glory DM71 Wright 77.00  
Scottish deerhound Siofra DM66 Poland 38.00  
whippet Achilles WH319 Brown 114.00  
whippet Dekker WM452 Silva 89.67  
whippet Hamish WM449 Daly 120.25  
whippet Io WM447 Carmel 217.00  
whippet Joaquin WH368 Hill 57.00  
whippet Kate WM459 Whitehead 30.00 OS
whippet Miggs WM448 Keating 178.00  
whippet Reggie WH397 Silva 80.50  
whippet Shindi WH371 Morales 203.50  
whippet Syrime WH359 Brown 140.50  
whippet Zinger WM467 Wilks 30.00 OS

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